April 7


“Are You a Teacher?”

By Bess McCarty

April 7, 2014


“Are you a teacher?”

His big brown 7 year old eyes looked into mine. “Yes”, I said.

“THAT’s why you’re so nice!”, he proclaimed, pleased with himself that he intuited that.

I had been walking my dog when two children ran up to us. They had just moved into the neighborhood. So we all introduced ourselves and I welcomed them. I pointed out their closest child neighbors, and they talked about their school.

They began climbing around on things, including a very long low metal bar. I said, “Can you walk all the way down that without falling off? It looks like a good way to learn balance.” I remembered acquiring balance that way myself as a child. That’s when the boy asked if I was a teacher.

I thought it was interesting that he equated “teacher” with “nice”. He relaxed and warmed up to me right away and began talking more freely. I think he understood and trusted me.

I think people respond the same way to us when we teach and educate about network marketing. They can sense when we have their best interests ahead of signing them up. I understand that teachers are more successful at MLM than professional sales people, as this is more a teaching profession. I like the idea of educating a prospect until they have enough information to make a decision. That’s all we’re doing.

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Bess McCarty

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