MLMs: An Answer to These Economic Times

By  Bess McCarty

By Bess McCarty

Reprinted and revised from the December 2010 issue of the Network Marketing Business Journal, the industry’s oldest, largest newspaper for network marketers, and never more relevant than today!!

In these times, many people wonder if they will be laid off, or how they will manage inflation or retirement. Some want a Plan B, and some have found one with network marketing. They may start a business as a backup while working, or upon retiring. Although there challenges to multi-level-marketing businesses, I’ve collected a list of advantages for those considering one.

Answer to recession:

Residual Income! Passive Income. Leverage a Team.
It can provide job security backup in these uncertain times.
You can grow this business while you keep your current one.
No pressure to succeed within a certain time. Work at your pace.
Replace your current career with one you love.
More job security working for yourself than working for someone else.
Can start a business for usually under $1,000 (vs. $65K to start the average U.S. business which takes 3-5 years to get that back).

Answer to inflation:
Extra income to fight the cost of living growing faster than people’s cost of living raises.
Low start-up cost, low risk and investment.
Greatest return on investment of ANY business!
Unlimited income and unlimited positions at the top.
Free on the job training while you earn. Almost anyone can do it.
Can work from home, saves the environment, cost of work clothes, driving time.
Allows parents to be home with their children, without childcare costs.
Grants you freedom of time. You set your hours.
Busts past the “work per hour or service” limited income model.
Eventually you can make more money in less time than a job, something EVERYBODY wants.
Income and fulfillment are virtually unlimited. There is no ceiling.
The longer you do it, the more you make per hour, unlimited.

Answer for retirement:
95% of retirees lack adequate funds due to inflation, bankrupt pensions, stock crashes
Seniors who need jobs are having a hard time finding them.
Answer for aging parents who need more money.
Keeps them healthfully active and engaged.
Provides a monthly income when you don’t have capital to invest:
How long will it take you to save $50K to get $200 interest a month income from it? vs.
How long will it take you to build a $200 a month income from an MLM business?

Security for illness:
Keep getting paid by residual passive income.
Perfect for the disabled with a phone and computer.

Other Advantages

Unlimited return on investment.
Tax deductions and benefits.
Freedom from negative bosses.
Personal growth. Confidence. Renewed sense of living and purpose.
This is your business. You create it the way you want.

You are paid exactly for what you contribute, not more, not less.
Operates by word of mouth, the best and cheapest form of advertising.
Thrives on the new technology that connects the world now.
Live where you want, work from anywhere in the world, or even travel continuously.
You grow by becoming a manager/coach, and helping others succeed, vs. profiting off low-income labor.
It’s built on support vs. competition, as in corporate.

Average, ordinary people change their lives!
You have support as you change from employee thinking to business-owner thinking.
You are not alone. You have a team to rely on.
Endorsed by Tony Robbins, Robert Kiyosaki, Warren Buffett, Jack Canfield, and many other respected experts.
Built giant empires. (Look at Mary Kay)

No storefront overhead, inventory, employees, quotas, territories, billing, or accounts receivable.
You can involve the whole family, and teach good work values and habits and vision.
If you enroll family and friends into the business, your company conventions become family reunions!
You can leave the business to your family in your will.
It’s a lot of freedom: more money, time, creativity, and fulfilling service to people.

Help people, leave a legacy, contribute to the world. Make lifelong friends.

Wish you knew how to talk to people better about your business? That’s just what the MLM Millionaire Academy teaches you!


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Bess McCarty

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There is nothing quite so sacred and beautiful as that moment of working with a person who has a personal and spiritual transformation, as a certain magic happens that is beyond us both."

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