September 19


5 Sales Blooper Stories

By Bess McCarty

September 19, 2012


1) Yesterday an insurance salesman called. “You sent us a card saying you want more info?” “Yes.” “Can we meet Tuesday?” He was very nice, but before I spent time with him, I wanted to know if this would meet my needs. I asked my cost if I didn’t get his insurance? I wanted stats on the average occurrences and costs of them. He partially answered, then pushed for the appointment. If he wouldn’t hear me and respond now, why would I believe he would when we met? Or that he’d have the stats I wanted? He said, “I can’t help you.” He was right…

2) A friend called to tell me a new mlm company he’s with.
“I have all this stuff… all this stuff… all this stuff…at discount…” it was a few minutes before I could say, “Ralph, I don’t use this stuff.” What would it have been like if he’s said, “Bess, do you use this stuff?” If yes, “Would you like to save money on this stuff?” if yes, “I have a discount buying club. Would you like to hear a little about it?”

3) I had a meeting with a network marketer. Gerald talked over ½ hour about allll the facets of his company without asking WHICH parts I may be interested in, which was a few. He talked 98%, not allowing my questions, nor asking me any. I didn’t buy…

4) A new friend on Facebook called me by phone to see what benefit we might be to each other. I had a few possible mutual projects in mind. Jean was very warm and interested, UNTIL she realized I wasn’t a prospect for her network marketing company. “Gotta go!” The projects never got talked about…

5) You all have gotten spammed by email or Facebook by network marketers. “Join my business!” How attractive is it when someone doesn’t care about you? It’s about THEM!

Don’t be “That Guy”! ~ What can you learn from these true stories?
(The names are made up.)

“People don’t care how much you know, until they know how much you care.” ~ John C. Maxwell
Write the problems that your products, service, or business solves.
Listen, ask relevant questions, listen some more..
When you hear a need you can solve, empathize, clarify, THEN offer your solution.

I explain this more in my free video, “Heart-Centered Selling”:

Increase your sales and downline in Network Marketing, through listening and asking the right questions, in a way that opens hearts and is a true service:

1) Get your motivation.
2) Get them WANTING to hear about your business.
3) Clear any psychological blocks.
4) Know the 4 types of people.

You can order your free Heart Centered Selling Video here:

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