February 8


Help Students with Loans

By Bess McCarty

February 8, 2016

12573847_10153316533413309_6601994183386661893_nThe average student loan is now over $30,000. This delays them buying a home and starting a family.ย  IF they can even get a job, much less in the field they studied for! Many end up moving back in with their parents. This is alarming to me!

What can be done?

Network marketing has helped students pay off their loans quicker, sometimes even before they graduate! Bethany College in Lindsborg, Kansas, teaches a certified course in network marketing. Some of their students, with network marketing, have made $4,000 a month, part-time, while they go to school! ~ How ELSE could they do that??

A career in network marketing can AVOID a loan altogether. Training is usually free! With mentoring from millionaires. And actually makes you money as you learn on the job at your own rate from home. PRICELESS.

If you are a network marketer, and you know a young person, you can ask them, “Are you a student? Do you have a student loan? Do you know how you will pay that off if you don’t find a job in your chosen field? I may be able to help.”

These are just some of the valuable tips we teach in the MLM Millionaire Club, school for network marketers to speed their success.


Bess McCarty

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