90 Day Challenge with Bess: What’s it REALLY Like?

By  Bess McCarty

Jacob Rakowski is a 23 year old 6 figure earner Global Brand Ambassador for his company who is living his dream, traveling all over the world! It wasn’t always this way. When he started with his company at age 18, his classmates made fun of him, and his father told him to never get into network marketing!

Bess: “Jacob, why did you decide to do a Challenge with me?”

Jacob: “Success loves speed. In this age, speed is a requirement for success. Read the book, Speed Wealth. If you put the energy into a 90 Day Challenge, you’re not just gonna have just a little more results, you’re gonna have incredible results! You’re gonna have an explosion!

I was earning $5,000 a month for a year or two. I was looking for a way to just get to the next level. I realized it wasn’t just gonna happen. There’s a big difference between good and great. I decided to be GREAT, and take a 90 Day Challenge.

I started in February. By May I had jumped 2 ranks, and since then, my biggest month has been $26,000.  I average $15-$20,000 a month right now consistently. I attribute a lot of that hurdling over the mountain to doing what I needed to do for 90 days. Now I inspire young people who want to do something similar for themselves in their lives!”

Bess: “Jacob, what is a Challenge like? Is it hard?”

Jacob: “You WILL be uncomfortable some days. You may not want to make your calls.

I’m super happy I had somebody who’s familiar with navigating through the subconscious mind and the emotional part of ourselves, because we are motivated by our emotions, and DE-motivated by our emotions! And having somebody who can help you look at your subconscious programs, and help you understand that you’re worth success on a daily basis, as you require it. It was really special to have that kind of support!

Bess, you were amazing, and I’m so grateful for you. I was in a challenging time in my life. I was in a place where a lot of deep emotional pain I had experienced as a child, as we all do, these core wounds had been activated through circumstances in my life. It was a actually a perfect time for those to be healed.

I was sitting there saying, ‘Oh my gosh, life sucks, etc.’ Then I met Bess. I thought, what better time to get going and get on my horse than right now? Because I’m only doing myself a dis-service by sinking deeper into this swamp of self-pity. I said, ‘It’s time to do something.’  And I did!

If you are in a troubled spot, it is a part of life, and the only way to go is UP. Don’t sit forever on your depression couch. In reality, it was a setup for me to get motivated enough to go out there and do what I needed to do to reach the level of success I desired. My challenges led me to a decision to build this big.”

Bess: “So you used this as a stepping stone to catapult you into your Challenge. And say ‘Let’s heal this. Let’s tackle this.’ This is what makes a top-earner.”

Jacob: “In network marketing, the emotional aspect of ourselves is not given the 50% that it needs. We are emotional beings, and we have programs that are running the show. They’re saying, ‘Yeah you WANT that, but you’re not worth it. Yeah, you SEE that, but it could never happen for you.’  We all these programs and voices running inside of our heads. What you did for me, is you were a bright flashlight that went into my inner workings, into my subconscious, and you said, ‘Yep, that’s not true, and do you see how that’s not serving you?’, and we got out pen and paper and re-wrote the program to ‘Now you are empowered. Now you are strong, Now you can do it! Now you are a top-earner!’ I downloaded the beliefs of a top-earner. And that’s what showed up in my life!”

Bess: “What surprised you during your Challenge? What didn’t you expect?”

Jacob: “My unwillingness to make the calls. And the fear in continuing. I thought I was just gonna barrel through it. In fact, it’s really hard! When you are so close to greatness, your voices will start talking to you and say, ‘No, you need to slow down. You can’t do this. Stop!’ This is self-sabotage on a very unconscious level. We would never CHOOSE to sabotage ourselves, but that’s what happens. Our subconscious runs the show, and I would have a conversation with my coach, and Bess we would talk about it, and re-visit something, and all of the sudden I’d overcome it, and I’d get right back on track. That surprised me a lot.”

Bess: “Because you had been so good at it. But when you do 5 times as much as you usually do, it will push against your weakest link. That’s why we talked every day, do you don’t lose a day of work. ~ Would you recommend it to others?”

Jacob: “Heck Yeah!  If you wanna be successful! The time is now to take action. You are 90 Days away from the biggest success of your life! Most people don’t get on a call like this to stay the same. They get on a call like this to change their life. That requires massive action and an investment in your self. I invested a few grand to work with Bess. It was well worth it, because I’d never cracked 6 figures before I worked with her. This year I’ll stop right at about $200,000, and I can only imagine what next year is gonna be. So was it financially worth it? Absolutely!”

Bess: “It’s possible that the ripples from doing a Challenge will continue for the rest of your life, and you’ll keep getting paid, and paid, and paid….”

Jacob: “You need to prepare, and Bess will lead you through exactly what you need to do from a mindset standpoint, from a technical standpoint.”

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Bess McCarty

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