A Fun Way to Plan Your New Year

By  Bess McCarty


I sure am in the mood to plan for the New Year! Wow, is it fun. It’s like going to a movie that I get to make up!

Here’s the fun part:
Usually you look at where you are now, and where you want to go, and the steps to get there, right?
With this technique, you ARE in January a year from now! The Network Marketing Business Journal got wind of your amazing story, and sent a reporter to interview you.

You are sitting together by your pool
, sipping refreshing healthy drinks, as you recap where you are now. Highlight for the reporter your accomplishments last year in your Network Marketing business, and what your life is like now, including how you feel, and the effect it’s had on your loved ones’ lives. It’s a GREAT story!! You’re very happy and grateful…

And now describe what you did last year to make it happen.

The reporter helps by asking questions such as, “What were the biggest challenges you faced? And how did you overcome them?”

“What was the first thing you did to get here?”

“Then what did you do?”

“What was the next big step?”

“What were the top 3 keys to your success?”

“If there was one other piece of advice you wish you could have given yourself back then, what would it be?”

As the reporter says the story is awesome, and before leaving, hands you a copy of the notes.

Now you write your action steps into your next year calendar.

And you commit to view your Mind Movie
one minute every morning and evening. (A Mind Movie is your visualization of your dream achieved. In detail, with all your senses, AS IF it is NOW.)

Thank you to my mentor, Christian Mickelsen, for the interview questions! You rock!

To Your New Year!!

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Bess McCarty

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