Before Signup

By  Bess McCarty

colorful-arrows-8712908800298gQHow many of your distributors are active? How many are “Golden”?

Would you like to increase the success rate of your new recruits? Most quit within the first 2 months.

That would mean: fewer dropouts, more activity, more inspiration to the whole team, less work for you to motivate them, happier stories coming out of your group, and quicker rank advancement for you all! That’s a greater return for your investment of time and energy when you recruit.

Not many people will take the time to do this, but YOU can. Unless you are doing a recruiting blitz, which has the advantage of momentum, may I suggest you look at the merits of this method?

1) Educate them about network marketing before they sign up. Use this free, easy generic page I made for you: ~ It starts with two fun 7 minute videos and pre-sells them on the wisdom of network marketing before they even get to your company’s website! ~ It educates for you.  Signing them up before you educate them is like giving a child the keys to the car before they learn how to drive.  They usually wreck their warm market, get discouraged, and quit.

2) Help them get a team before they sign up. Help them to get 4 who get 4 (that’s 20), or better yet, to get 6 who get 6 (that’s 42). What this does is pretty much guarantee their success before they even sign up and invest their cash (low as that investment is compared to the thousands it takes to start any other business)! ~ This way, they can first test to see if they can do this.

These 2 steps, usually omitted before signup, screens your prospects to see which ones will be worth your time and energy, and it educates and trains them to have the best possible success. It also keeps them your friend, as they are less likely to signup and quit and lose their investment money and blame you! So you feel totally comfortable talking with your friends, neighbors, and family about your business, because all you’re doing is educating them, and testing it out.

By the way, USA Today reports that the average American loses almost $400 a year to gambling. That could have started them a network marketing business, when, done right, is almost a zero risk investment!

Here’s a script to help your prospects get their team before signup:

“I have been spending some time looking at an eCommerce business.  I can’t find anything wrong with it except it sounds too good to be true. Would you mind taking a look at it and see if you can poke some holes in it before I decide to do it or even ask you to do it with me?”

If they want more information, just tell them you don’t know much about it, other than what you have seen on the videos.  That’s why I want you to look at these videos and get your opinion of it. (You can use the videos I prepared for you above.)

Once they agree to look at it then say, “When will you have 15 minutes to take a look at it together?”  Then watch with  them, or be on the phone while they watch,  to guide them afterward to the next educational tool or your company website. (They are more likely to watch it this way.)

Here is a script for when you are already a distributor:

“I have started an eCommerce business.  I thought of you, and wonder if you might like to do it with me?  Would you mind taking a look at it and give me your opinion?” ~ “When will you have 15 minutes for us to watch 2 videos together?”

Here are tips from MLM multi-millionaire Lisa Grossmann on how to do this with your hot market to get started fast and duplicate. Get your pen and paper  to copy these 2 scripts, one for product, one for business.

I’d love to hear your opinion and especially your results below! ~ Bess

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Bess McCarty

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There is nothing quite so sacred and beautiful as that moment of working with a person who has a personal and spiritual transformation, as a certain magic happens that is beyond us both."

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