Can You Afford Coaching?

By  Bess McCarty

change cartoonYou are a network marketer. You want to succeed in your business. You want financial freedom.You want to be happy, do what you want when you want, be the leader you know you are inside, give your family a better life, and help countless others to do that too!

But you haven’t done that on your own so far.  Life gets in the way. You put off making the calls. You worry about people’s reactions. Or you don’t get that great of reactions. Your upline isn’t really available. Your downline isn’t doing much.

You’ve heard about coaching. That you don’t have to do it alone. It makes it easier and faster. You hear that all successful people have coaches in some form, someone outside yourself that can see things you can’t, and can shortcut that looong learning curve you are in.

Sounds good. But can you afford it?

Well, grab a pen and paper and let’s do the math: What has NOT overcoming your challenges cost you so far? It has cost you your dreams, peace of mind, happiness, perhaps even your health or marriage.

Most people I do this exercise with say that it has also cost them about a million dollars in what they could have made in their business thus far. So write that down. Now write what it will cost you in the future, to the end of your life, if you don’t overcome these challenges. ~ Surprising? This is the cost of not getting a coach. Can you afford NOT to??

Many people want change, RIGHT NOW, they say, whatever it takes, I’m committed, to a level 10!!  Then, they stop short of what will really help. It’s very interesting to watch.

Are they afraid they won’t do the work and get that return on their investment? Do they not believe in themselves? Do they not believe in the coach? Where is the block? Because the block is not money!

You know from helping prospects get the money for their starter kits that if someone wants something bad enough, they FIND  A WAY. They sell something around the house, don’t eat out, stop smoking or drinking, earn the money, or retail their product ahead of buying the starter kit. Some use savings or even borrow the money. IT’S NEVER ABOUT THE MONEY.

SellYour CarHilton Johnson said, “If you have a car, but not a coach, sell the car and hire the coach. You’ll go farther.” 🙂

If you knew that you would do the proven work, and make 10 times your investment to start, would you say that is a good return?

Network marketers pay me $1,000 – $5,000 a month for personal coaching. One lady said, “I can’t wait until I can afford to coach with you.” I said, “Neither can I.” So I created the MLM Millionaire Club with group coaching, so everyone can afford it!

In the Club, we upgrade your skills to a 10 and clear your mindset of any blocks:

So join the prestigious and successful network marketers in the MLM Millionaire Club!

And watch your business soar!

Bess McCarty

"As a coach, teacher, and healer, I help people solve problems. I uncover and address the missing core needs, thus eliminating the problems, such as fears and negative beliefs, so they can achieve in their careers, have satisfying relationships, and enjoy vibrant health.

There is nothing quite so sacred and beautiful as that moment of working with a person who has a personal and spiritual transformation, as a certain magic happens that is beyond us both."

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