November 6


Cashflow is King

By Bess McCarty

November 6, 2013

EricWorreGreat tip from Eric Worre:ย  When talking with someone about your network marketing opportunity, do not assume that everyone would like to have their own business. Only 10-15% of people find that attractive! The others find that thought foreign, scary, or overwhelming.

But EVERYONE wants more CASHFLOW!ย  Try to use that word.ย  So, instead of asking people, “How would you like to have your own business?”,ย  ask “How would you like to have more cashflow in your life?” or “Would more cashflow make a difference in your life? Would that be helpful to you?”

When you are asked what you do, you can say, “Well, I show people how to develop extra cashflow.” After all, isn’t that what business owners want the business for? (Notice the word “develop”. Isn’t that more attractive than “make”, “earn”, or “get”? Learn from a Pro!)

Bess McCarty

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