May 21


Get the Body Mind Advantage

By Bess McCarty

May 21, 2016



Do you feel too rigid in your life? ~ Learn yoga. ~ For flexibility.

Are you always late? Or slow? ~ Take a dance class. ~ To master timing.

Are you overwhelmed and scattered? ~ Practice Tai Chi. ~ For focus and economy.

Want to grow your business? ~ Garden. ~ Learn to nourish and be patient.

Is your life too complicated? ~ Clean out your closets. ~ Keep only the necessary.

Tired of negative thinking? ~ Pull weeds. ~ Uproot the unwanted.

Why does this work? Body Mind!ย  Body Mind psychology says that what we achieve in our bodies, we achieve in our minds and emotions. It teaches that our bodies have psychological correlations, and that the easiest way to change our psychology is to change our bodies!

Our subconscious is where all the programs are that run our lives. Our bodies are closely connected to our subconscious. That’s why it’s easiest to make change through our bodies.

Here is an inexpensive Tai Chi class you can take right at home: The most powerful Body Mind exercise is the Horse Stance, common to both Tai Chi and Chi Kung. It is called the Secret of the Ancient Tai Chi Masters. You can find it on this page:ยย 

This is an audio I made for my mother. For balance, stability, focus, grounding, strength, efficiency, and grace in the body. In 10 minutes a day. What you gain in your body, you also gain in your life!


Bess McCarty

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