Here’s why I’m thankful for Network Marketing…

By  Bess McCarty

This is a “guest blog” repost from my friend Eric Worre at Network Marketing Pro on Facebook: too precious not to share here. It speaks my heart too, this Thanksgiving. ~ Bess

Network Marketing can be challenging. It is an emotional experience. The ups and downs can be dramatic. But in the end, for so many reasons, it’s all worth it.

The career you’ll create. One of the best decisions in my life was making a career out of Network Marketing instead of just messing around. Becoming a professional made all the difference, and now it’s great fun to spend a good portion of my time helping other people do the same thing.

The freedom you’ll enjoy.
Freedom is an interesting word. When it comes to work, I think we understand the concept, but not the entire meaning. For me, freedom means having choices. It means living the life I want to live instead of the life other people want me to live.

The lives you will touch.
It’s one thing to create freedom for yourself and your family. It’s another thing altogether to help someone else do the same. There are so many people struggling in this world. You have the ability to help people see a bigger picture for themselves. You can give hope to the hopeless. You can encourage their dreams. You can provide them with the inspiration necessary to face and overcome their fears.

The people you will meet.
Network Marketing has introduced me to the most amazing people. This profession gives you a chance not only to expand your group of friends, but also to be able to spend more time with them. You’ll never find a more passionate group of entrepreneurs in any other profession. These people love life and spend their time lifting each other up.

The places you will see.
If you build a large and successful Network Marketing business a few things will happen. First, you’ll win some trips that will be trips of a lifetime. Second, you’re going to need to support your organization as they expand into every territory or country where your company does business. And third, you’re going to have enough money and time to go wherever you’d like.

The causes you can contribute to
. There are lots of causes. You might want to give to your parents or someone else in your family, or to an organization that means something to you.

The person you will become in the process.
Network Marketing changed my life for the better because it forced me to get better. As a profession, we move products and services to the customers who want them, but our real purpose is much deeper.

The greatest benefit isn’t getting what you want.
The greatest benefit is what you’ll need to become in order to get what you want. I learned what was always there and what has been passed down for ages. The journey is everything.

Ladies and gentlemen, my wish for you,
is you decide to become a Network Marketing Professional… you decide to Go Pro… because it is a stone-cold fact that we have a Better Way. Now let’s go tell the world.

Your friend & partner,
Eric Worre – Network Marketing Pro,

Bess McCarty

"As a coach, teacher, and healer, I help people solve problems. I uncover and address the missing core needs, thus eliminating the problems, such as fears and negative beliefs, so they can achieve in their careers, have satisfying relationships, and enjoy vibrant health.

There is nothing quite so sacred and beautiful as that moment of working with a person who has a personal and spiritual transformation, as a certain magic happens that is beyond us both."

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