December 10


How To Recruit on Linked-In

By Bess McCarty

December 10, 2014


After 3 years of prospecting on Linked-In, Jim Tanner’s got it down. He personally recruited 200 people from there, and has become a 6 figure earner in network marketing who has trained other 6 figure earners.

What if you had an endless supply of leads? And top professional people at that? They are already in pro mode. 40% of Linked-In members make $100,000 or more a year. What you will learn from Jim applies to all social media.


Jim also talked with us about what blocks network marketers. He hit and overcame roadblocks: the same ones you (and your team) are in, or will run into.

He boiled it down to the 4 bridges you must get over to succeed, to get from hope to belief in your product/service, this profession, your company, and most importantly, yourself!

Look for his book on those 4 bridges in January. 10847801_10152503357768309_521235548740144596_n
Find Jim on his social media links at

I feel very aligned with Jim in our missions to unite and uplift this network marketing profession. Thank you Jim!

A few of the responses:
“Outstanding! Thank you so much!”
“One of the best calls I’ve heard in network marketing!”
“I got a big Ah-Ha on this call! Thank you!”

Bess McCarty

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