May 16


Intro to Network Marketing -or- “What is MLM?”

By Bess McCarty

May 16, 2013

David Frost2MLM, or Multi-Level Marketing, is also called Network Marketing. It is selling a product or service, and training others to do that too. In return for finding and training them, you receive a monthly residual income from their sales, as well as from your own.

Here is video explaining Network Marketing/MLM that Professor David Frost made for the students of Bethany College in Lindsborg, Kansas, home of the world’s first and only existing accredited college course in Network Marketing.

The MLM Millionaire Club and Bess McCarty are honored to be helping with this history-making project to secure Network Marketing’s place on campus as a valid and respected business model!

This 19 minute video tells you:

* How Network Marketing came to Bethany College

* 3 Ways to Make Money

* Traditional Business vs. Network Marketing

* How to Choose a Company

* Facts of This Profession

* How to Keep this Business Simple

This is a good video to share with your team as a prospecting tool
. I suggest showing it to prospects BEFORE showing them your company. A shorter version is the 8 minute The Best Business the World?

A small book that I also recommend for this step is Don Failla’s classic
(and best-selling MLM book ever) “The 45 Second Presentation”. (This is my affiliate link.) Don says it’s like teaching someone to drive BEFORE you give them the keys to the car, so they don’t get discouraged and wreck their warm market and hopes.

Happy Prospecting!

Bess McCarty

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