Lisa Grossmann Interview: “The Power of Stories”

By  Bess McCarty

Wow! What an interview with Lisa tonight!  Share this page with your team, so they can boost their business with stories too!

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“Nothing is more engaging between people than stories. Facts are are how we disseminate information. Stories are how we connect as human beings. You can never really call someone, whose story you know, a stranger. The minute you tell someone a story they relate to, they want to tell you a story that relates to that!”

“Once two people have exchanged stories between them and found commonality, you WILL instinctively help each other. Someone will look at your business and say, ‘I LIKE this person. If this isn’t for me today, who might I know that I can refer to them?’ ” ~ Lisa Grossmann

Powerful, isn’t it?

I’m gonna listen to this several times to integrate Lisa’s mindset around stories and prospecting.

Share with your team, so they can boost their business with stories too! ~ Bess

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Bess McCarty

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