March 16


Professor David Frost Interview: NM Teacher

By Bess McCarty

March 16, 2014


Professor Frost spearheaded and teaches the worldโ€™s first network marketing class to be offered through an institution, at Bethany College in Lindsborg, Kansas. It is a class that is offered as part of their marketing major, or students can get a certificate in network marketing.

Find out why he chose to teach network marketing, how he got past all the challenges to do that, and how sponsoring college students is different.

He made this video to make it easy for you to educate prospects about network marketing:

Professor Frost has been a mentor to the MLM Millionaire Club, and is an honorary member. He also appeared on the MLM Reality Show 2.

“I love this video.ย  Amazing content and real authenticity.” ~ Greg Houghton,ย

Bess McCarty

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