October 11


Q & A ~ How to Deal With Negative MLM Stigma

By Bess McCarty

October 11, 2012

Q ~ Hi Bess. Thanks for your wonderful coaching and knowledge of the MLM industry. I am considering joining a MLM company but I need some answers if will you please help.

My wife does not like MLM and as much as I try to state why MLM is a great industry I need third party validation. Basically what I need to know is why should I consider MLM? The company I am interested in has a fantastic product and comp plan but many people tend to say NO when they find out you are involved with MLM. As my wife said yesterday, if it is so good why do so many people say no? I appreciate your time and any feedback is appreciated. ~ Brian Dean

A ~ Thanks for the great question, Brian. It takes time to get past the stigma from unrealistic promises others have made to get rich with no work. You CAN get rich. Just give it 3-5 years of part-time learning and effort while you work a job.

Jimmy Smith’s daughters didn’t believe in MLM. Eventually they joined him and made $30 Million. Tell people network marketing is simply retailing helpful products, and training others to do so too. Show that you don’t push, but see how you can solve their problems. As in my video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3ruz1Tu3EMs&feature=plcp

Check back w/disbelievers when you make $. Your wife might enjoy these 3rd party validations from famous & respected people: Famous Supporters of MLM

Does that help? You may like joining the MLM Millionaire Club for it’s great support! ~ Bess

Bess McCarty

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