Time Tool

By  Bess McCarty


MLM Millionaire Tip on Time Management

1) Use this time sheet to know how you spend your days.

2) Also use it to plan your future days! (See chart below.)

Tip from Grace McCarthy,
MLM Millionaire Club member:

“I sit down with my team member and I ask them to shade out, in pencil, the hours that are totally committed to things they can’t change, like work, picking up kids from school, cooking dinner, family duties, etc. Next, I get them to erase their lunch hour and any breaks they may have. There aren’t that many things that are carved in stone that they MUST attend or do. Everything else is quite flexible.

I tell them to make sure they go to their clubs, because they can prospect there.  Socialize, but use it like networking events: get phone numbers to contact later. While you travel to work, make calls, unless you’re driving. I don’t call other mums at dinner time or bed/bathtime for kids. It’s astonishing where they can find another ten hours in the week when you lay it out in front of them. If they want more time, I tell them to turn the TV off.” ~ Thank you for the great tip, Grace! ~ Bess



08.00   _______ _ ________   _________   ________     ______        ______        _____________

09.00   ____________________________________________________________________ ___

10.00   ________________________________________________________________________

11.00   ________________________________________________________________________

NOON  ________________________________________________________________________

1.00    _________________________________________________________________________

2.00    _________________________________________________________________________

3.00    _________________________________________________________________________

4.00    _________________________________________________________________________

5.00    _________________________________________________________________________

6.00    _________________________________________________________________________

7.00    _________________________________________________________________________

8.00    _________________________________________________________________________

9.00    _________________________________________________________________________

These are just some of the skills we learn in the MLM Millionaire Club!

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Bess McCarty

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