Here is Your Inner Child Class

Welcome to the Inner Child Class and Congratulations on your step to a better life!

You are enrolled for 6 weekly Inner Child Classes based on John Bradshaw‘s book, Homecoming, in Hays, Kansas, on Monday nights, September 2 – October 7, 7-10 pm,

Please call me for location for the class. (512) 569-1139

We all have an Inner Child inside who is a magical part of ourselves. Some of our developmental needs we got met in childhood. Some we didn’t. This class helps you fill that gap. So you can love the life you KNOW you are meant to have! 🙂

I suggest you begin reading the book now. You can find it on Amazon, or at your local library.

In these Inner Child classes, you learn how you developed into the person you are today. You experience what was missing for you in each of the five childhood developmental stages that caused these problems in your life today. Then you fill in the missing parts so that they stop affecting your life today. So you can have the life you know you are meant to!

These classes are very experiential, and participants commit to attend all 6. They are sequential, and you will not want to miss one! The group supports each other.

It’s very special heart-opening and eye-opening work, and brings deep, lasting change for those who have done it. I’ve been facilitating this for 30 years with groups and with individuals, by phone, online, and in person.

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See you in Class!

Bess McCarty,

Body Mind Therapist

(512) 569-1139

P.S. – Future processes available:

* Looking for a deep Mindset Clearing with my Inner Child work?

* The deepest Inner Child work I do is

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