Map for Quick Start Basics Class

Print this to take notes on:   Map for Quick Start Basics Class

10 Core Basics

1. Getting Started Right
2. Be Here A Year From Now
3. Personal Development
4. Market Daily
5. Present Daily
6. Attend A Weekly Presentation
7. Attend A Weekly Quick Start Basic Training
8. Attend A Monthly Regional Training
9. Attend All Conventions
10. Create A Monthly M.A.P. (Massive Action Plan)


5 Things to Know First

1. Be Core.

A. Are you doing everything?
B. Are you consistent?
C. Are you teaching this to your team?

2. Start People Right.

They will ask:
A. Can I do what you did to get started?
B. Do I have the time to do what you just did?
C. Am I OK doing this to freinds, family, and neighbors?

3. Obey the Laws of Duplication

A. It must work instantly and be teachable in 30-60 minutes.
B. It must work 10 levels below me.
C. It must work with people I don’t know.
D. It must work 1,000 miles away.
E. It must work from an amateur to professional and vice versa.

4. Protect Your Team

Keep it:
A. Easy
B. Simple
C. Duplicatable

5. Know the Growth Cycle

A. Learn
B. Do
C. Model
D. Teach