Success stories

28 Day Turnaround!

By  Bess McCarty

KeithAbellI did Eric Worre’s 20 new distributors in 28 day challenge. Unfortunately I only personally sponsored 5.

HOWEVER, those 5 brought in 36!
2/3 of those 36 registered as distributors. The remainder as preferred customers, and the majority of the preferred customers enrolled on the autoship program. I rank advanced 2 pin levels at the same time and now qualify for the company car bonus.

I have been in the business since 2009 and have never done any good until now! I have now introduced the 20 in 28 day challenge to my new downline (and crossline in my company). I am now doing Eric’s 90 day challenge and I have a major event already planned for July with all the leaders in the company invited to come speak. My quick rank advancement got their attention.

Congratulations Keith Abell! ~

Bess McCarty

"As a coach, teacher, and healer, I help people solve problems. I uncover and address the missing core needs, thus eliminating the problems, such as fears and negative beliefs, so they can achieve in their careers, have satisfying relationships, and enjoy vibrant health.

There is nothing quite so sacred and beautiful as that moment of working with a person who has a personal and spiritual transformation, as a certain magic happens that is beyond us both."

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