February 8


James Becomes a Company Leader

By Bess McCarty

February 8, 2016

JJames O’Connell is a wonderful man who works full time, and had a goal of presenting to 5 new people a day. But didn’t actually get around to it. Suddenly, he got serious in our work together. His team said, “What got into you?”

“Since doing this program with Bess, everything is clicking. I seem to have a Golden Touch and can’t do anything wrong. It changed my life and how I do business. My team expanded 70%, and the number of active ones more than doubled. I’m still consistently prospecting with no excuses stopping me. My upline and team are inspired by me. I’m asked to speak. I’m now the leader I dreamed of being!” ~ James O’Connell

All he did was present to 5 a day. And follow up properly. And consistently. ~ James: https://www.facebook.com/jpojim?fref=ts

Bess McCarty

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