January 20


How to Overcome Criticism

By Bess McCarty

January 20, 2018

“I have overcome so much criticism. When my husband and I decided to do Network Marketing full time people thought we were absolutely crazy.

At first the criticism got to me and I let it eat away at me and then a very wise mentor of mine said this to me….

‘Do they pay your bills?
Are they putting money away for your retirement?
Are they making sure your kids have money for college?’

Of course the answers were NO.

So he said, ‘Why do you let them have a vote in what you choose for a living?’

That little tweak in my mindset changed everything. I started to see these people with different glasses. They just are uneducated about the industry, and I will be the one to prove that it works, so that’s what I set out to do.

10 years ago I made a decision to live life everyday at a 10! Well doesn’t happen everyday, but pretty close!” ~ Nicky Rempel

Bess McCarty

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  • Great story! Those questions help the person being asked the question to ponder.

    Absolutely loving this loving way to challenge others’ thinking!

    Thank you for your story, Nicky!

    Thank you for sharing, Bess! Love your work!

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