April 16


Amy’s Victory Past the Naysayers

By Bess McCarty

April 16, 2015

10172869_660347884036528_509079326977212797_nWhen I first started, I heard so many things –

Are you crazy Amy?
It’s a scam!
Don’t waste your time!
It won’t last.
Just a fad.
You are going to lose a lot of money!
Don’t quit your day job! (This one was from my husband)

I cared what others thought at first, but didn’t let their opinions keep me from not trying. I took a leap of faith. I pushed forward and started by signing customers and a couple of my friends as distributors. In less than 2 years, I turned my business into one that made over one million dollars in sales and myself and my team are NOT stopping! We are the dreamers and the do’ers!

What has this company and its products done for me? Given me confidence, helped with my headaches (in a huge way, just ask my doc), brought special friendships into my life, taught me to dream big & redream, helped me manage my money better, helped me be a better mom, helped bring me closer to God and so much more!

I have learned to silence the negatives, brush off those that like to try to kill dreams! Why? Because they do not pay my bills…they do not give me the extra time I have now, they have not secured a college education for my daughter by the age of 3, they do not pay for us to travel, they have not paid an extra $50,000 on my mortgage in the last year, nor have they paid off our cars and they certainly do not allow me to earn a six – figure income from home, with my daughter by my side! This is my passion; changing lives, including my own! ย ~ Amy Wyatt,ย https://www.facebook.com/aimwyatt

Bess McCarty

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