September 16


Bess’s Story: How I Overcame Shyness

By Bess McCarty

September 16, 2013

Bess&DianeI was 21. Living in Colorado, in the mountains, living and working among the pine trees, cutting firewood for a living. I liked health. And freedom.

So when a friend showed me
a great vitamin, mineral, and herb supplement, and I heard stories of people healing themselves with it, I tried it. I felt very good! And when she showed me I could share it with others, AND make a living doing that, it was natural for me. A mission!

BUT, I was a shy person! To do my mission, I had to speak to people! Oh no!
But, I got up the nerve to tell people about what this product did for me and others. I had my stories: I lost my sugar cravings, it stopped my neighbor’s hot flashes, and gave people their life and energy back.

And I read an article in Seventeen magazine
about how to not be shy around boys: It said to become interested in them. Listen, and ask questions. A shy person has their attention on themselves. To get out of that, focus on the other person.

That is exactly what we teach in the MLM Millionaire Club: Learn the person’s needs, and how you can help them with your product, service, or business!

It became easier. I talked to people all day at health fair booths. I stood up and spoke at meetings. I conducted trainings of my own!

And I loved it!
It grew into a full-time income, I helped people get healthy, and I even won a trip to the Bahamas! That was the first time I’d been outside the U.S.

But the best part is who I became!
I learned to bridge with people, to do service, to be useful to others. This profession was in place for me when I had my son. It helped me be home for him. I LOVED being able to be my own boss!

Years later, the company went out of business, and I embarked on a personal growth journey, and became a Body Mind Therapist. Since then, I’ve been in 3 Network Marketing companies.

Now I bring personal growth and MLM together in coaching Network Marketers. At this time, I’m dedicated to only coaching, and am not in a company. I support all good ones in the MLM Millionaire Club, which is like an MLM school, and I do private coaching.

I can see how one step led to the next ones
in my training to do what I do today. I still LOVE personal growth, and feel very fulfilled when a Club Member or client reaches their goals!

Go MLM Team! ~ Bess McCarty, Founder & Coach for the MLM Millionaire Club

Bess McCarty

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