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Chiropractor Leaps Light Years Ahead! ~ No Bones About It!

By  Bess McCarty

RosanneI have been a chiropractor for 23 years. Network marketing was the last thing I ever expected to embark upon. In fact I was one of those people who distinctly disliked anything MLM.

However, I needed help with a 8 year+ of chronic stress and pain from two torn discs for which I had been putting off surgery. When the Laminine my husband ordered arrived, he said, “Here, take this.” I said “You really think this is going to help me? Yeah right….whatever.”

But I began taking it and felt changes right away
and more and more over time. I began making distinct steady improvements in my mental abilities, regaining my memory, ability to focus and be present, decreased stress and emotional calm. After 5-6 weeks I realized that the two torn discs in my lower back were making progress, too.

We had been telling some of our patients about this, since we were so excited about my unhoped for progress. Still, I was grappling with network marketing and the stigma that surrounds it.

I did some Soul searching.
I began thinking about the merits of networking and how, in fact, it was an excellent way to share in the wealth and health opportunity. I thought of how many people were out there like me who needed help, too. I thought I could build bridges to those who would consider a supplement but not a chiropractor. I also thought about the residual income opportunity that MLM offered.

My upline dropped the seed in April that since we had signed up three people already, we had a head start on the contest the company was running: an all expense paid trip for two to their event in LA. The last thing on my mind was to take part in a contest, especially since I never won a contest in my life. But the seed had been planted. I began talking to and calling more people. With my new found health I began quietly moving full speed ahead. My upline supported and encouraged me.

I called our upline,
Don, many times those two weeks for his input and thoughts. I sponsored a table at a business meeting and nervously presented our product, with two experienced MLM’ers on either side of me! I also talked to Steve, who steadfastly held the space of me winning the contest.

I realized I had to tell my husband my goal, in order to have his support if I was going to be in the running. I must confess the networking was distracting from some of my practice responsibilities and my over exuberance was too much. We had to work out a new balance where I could do both alongside each other in a balanced way. After I told him about the contest he began brainstorming ways to reach more people. He began helping me instead of complaining, and I was more attentive to office needs.

Even though my story propelled me and I am a medical impossibility, I had to learn that it was other people’s stories and concerns that really took center stage in this process. I knew how to listen as a doctor, but this kind of listening had a much bigger scope. My enthusiasm had actually been getting in the way of listening to others and helping them process their needs. In fact, I experienced pain as I realized I had not been listening very well. Don reframed how to “listen to hear” and my dreams showed me how a conversation is created together.

I felt like I was on a fast moving train. There was a wave of energy that propelled me. Even my dreams were showing me where I needed help and how to redefine my thinking. It was days before the end of the contest. I listened to others in our upline about how they were finding success. One by one people kept signing up.

The day the contest ended
I was told that many people substantially surpassed the qualifying factors. I too had surpassed the contest deadlines. I didn’t know if I was to be one of the winners or not. I reasoned, even if I didn’t win, I was grateful to have connected with so many people. Many purchased larger packs. I reconnected with people I cared about.

Monday came and I was not on the list of winners! Even though I qualified, there were others who went light years beyond the requirements. I had a dream that the owner of the company was in the position of having to choose between equally worthy contestants. The owner ended up opening up the winners to the top 20, whereas originally it had been the top 10. Tuesday we got a phone call from the company. We won the all expenses paid trip!

The contest propelled me into MLM in a big way. And yes, it was wonderful going to the company event. My husband and I got to meet the people on our team, who had been encouraging me on the other end of the phone line. Another side benefit was that I now actually had a “group” to work with. I/we felt like we were part of the group of the team, part of something big. It felt like an honor to be sitting at the evening dinner hosted by the company, with our team and the CEO. I felt so blessed to be connected to something big. I had never won a contest before, let alone an all expense paid trip for my husband and I to this wonderful event!

~ Rosanne Dektor Parimuha ~

Bess McCarty

"As a coach, teacher, and healer, I help people solve problems. I uncover and address the missing core needs, thus eliminating the problems, such as fears and negative beliefs, so they can achieve in their careers, have satisfying relationships, and enjoy vibrant health.

There is nothing quite so sacred and beautiful as that moment of working with a person who has a personal and spiritual transformation, as a certain magic happens that is beyond us both."

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