September 16


Dad and MLM

By Bess McCarty

September 16, 2013

ImaI began networking marketing as a career in 2002 after a long corporate career.

One of my first prospects was my Dad.  I went to his office to share what I found beneficial about my company products and how it could improve his health. He listened patiently and then responded by asking me why I would quit a promising career in banking, where I was soon to become a manager,  to start selling drugs. He used a derogatory term to describe it.

I felt crushed to realize that he would not even look at the product catalog. I pulled myself together and simply told him that I did not need his approval to know what was right for me in my career. I went on to say that if he felt the need to work on his health and energy levels, be sure to call me.

I think he felt bad for his reaction because he called me the next day to place an order. He actually used and liked the products and continued to order from me and refer his friends. He made such a turn around that he let me use space in his office building for minimal rent, to hold my events.

As my business grew, my Dad became such a believer that he would often ask people who came to him for jobs or just to beg for money, to come and meet me so I could  show them how to start a business.

To me, the value of getting past this was in how it has shaped my response to people who try to act like MLM is illegal or immoral.  I fully realize that its not for everyone, and so I let people be right when they say they see MLM as a scam, or the products are too expensive or whatever negative ideas they have. This has worked well for me. ~ Ima Woy, MLM Milli9naire Club member, Mary Kay Independent Beauty Consultant,

Bess McCarty

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