June 21


Jaci’s Recruiting Stories

By Bess McCarty

June 21, 2015

jaci2Text message from MLM Millionaire Club member, Jaci Sanabria: “Bess, I was on your webinar a short time, when a prospect called and I signed her up! LOL! … I just got back from Puerto Rico, celebrating my wedding anniversary and 3 family members’ birthdays. But while I was there, I had the great privilege of signing up a new Silver distributor and opening up Aguadilla City, and putting it on the map!! I am building a new team there!!! Jaci

When I got back home, the very next day, I did an expo with Dr. Jennifer Foster for our business and go over 60 leads of people who came over and booked parties. One girl came to a meeting and is possibly signing up Silver or Gold! I have been very busy!

The coaching sessions I have done with you have been so helpful with my approach and confidence in myself. ~ Thank you!!!” ~Jaci Sanabria https://www.facebook.com/jaci.sanabria.5

Go Jaci!! 🙂

Bess McCarty

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