September 16


Kevin vs. GM!

By Bess McCarty

September 16, 2013

KevinI just talked with a coaching client. She said her dad retired after 35 years with General Motors. He believed in “Go to school, get a good job.” GM said, “Come work for us. We’ll take care of you in your retirement.” … then: “Oops. Didn’t know we’d go bankrupt.” These are the people who need you to show them a better way with network marketing!

Kevin Francis on Google Plus read this and told me: “I am also retired from GM after 32 Years. Been doing MLM and Network Marketing with Sisel for 5 years now and my income is approaching that of my 32 year pension!! Lets see, 32 years,or 5 years…. I’ll take the 5 years.” Kevin is at: Thanks for your story, Kevin!

Bess McCarty

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