Success stories

Living The Dream

By  Bess McCarty

1063734_10200832253981626_169102170_oThree years ago today, George G Collins Jr. and I did something we said we would never do. We joined one of “those” things. Never could we have imagined what has become of our lives.

After years of working multiple jobs, working opposite shifts so we could have our 7 children at home with us and just always be exhausted, we finally have freedom from that rat race.

Our parents are healthier, we are healthier, we’ve both retired from our day jobs and now work from home. We are able to spend more time together as a family, we farm and we don’t have to ask permission to travel or get time off from work. ~ Melissa Cuevas Collins,

Bess McCarty

"As a coach, teacher, and healer, I help people solve problems. I uncover and address the missing core needs, thus eliminating the problems, such as fears and negative beliefs, so they can achieve in their careers, have satisfying relationships, and enjoy vibrant health.

There is nothing quite so sacred and beautiful as that moment of working with a person who has a personal and spiritual transformation, as a certain magic happens that is beyond us both."

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