September 16


Overcoming MLM Stigma

By Bess McCarty

September 16, 2013

img_3348_croppedAs a former full-time Network Marketer, I am aware of the negative impression some people have about MLM.

I have also been a coach for 30 years for Business and Life. 7 years ago, my mentor suggested I find a niche in my coaching. I chose Network Marketing.

I just LOVE the open-minded, creative people in MLM! I am one at heart! Committed Network Marketers are some of the most courageous people on the planet, not afraid to face themselves and embrace personal growth. You are my peeps!

But you know, after I made that decision, I began to question myself. My fiance at the time was too embarrassed to tell his corporate co-workers what I did. Like they’d think less of me or him. I began to feel embarrassed too. I ran across a long article by a very sensible man questioning the ethics of MLM. Maybe they had something? Could I feel good around my spiritual group if I was an MLM Coach?

After 2 weeks of doubt and soul-searching,
I realized MLM can be spiritual too! There is as much good ethics, service, people, and spiritual growth here as anywhere. I committed to my mission with my whole heart.

I’m SOOO glad I did! Since then, I’d met and coached people I deeply admire for helping people to better health, financial freedom, quality family life, building schools in Africa, supporting Kiva, and helping others to do this too. I also appreciate Eric Worre’s (Network Marketing Pro) untiring work to elevate the dignity of this profession.

Besides, this is THE TIME for people to need Network Marketing.
Where else can they turn for a job or a retirement plan? Not our government. (70% of people are predicted to retire at poverty level.) They can take their future into their own hands with our help. Let’s do it! I’ll help you help them!

THAT’s what we do in the MLM Millionaire Club!
~ Bess McCarty

Bess McCarty

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