September 16


This is Real!

By Bess McCarty

September 16, 2013

JackieI am so blessed— it was not overnight — but worth every moment I spent!!

In 2011 I had a stressful, life-sucking corporate job. I was big skeptic about trying Skinny Fiber. I have 20+ years in the health and nutritional supplement industry. I researched for 4 months before I took the chance. With the 30 day money back guarantee, I had nothing to lose if it didn’t work! I started in May 2011.

My full time job left me little time or energy to do much else, but I did make more than enough to buy my bottle of SF each month — so that was awesome.

Then I lost my job; feeling lost, I decided to go for it— to make THIS my job!!

In 9 months
I went from making $100 + each month to making 3 times more than I did at a job I really hated! I also make 3 times more than my hubby, who is captain on our police force for over 19 years.

I am living a life I could only dream of before!
I have paid off all debts from my bankruptcy from a failed business a few years ago: over $100,000. I would have never done that without this company!!!! I have just purchased a new 2013 Ford SHO — my dream car — and will have it paid off in less than 6 months!!! My husband just ordered a new Jeep — no more junkers for us that break down all the time. And I will never ever have to work again!!!

I almost feel guilty getting paid to do something that makes me so happy that I would do it for free!!! I can go and do whatever I want when I want. Knowing I am helping others lose weight and get out of debt is what makes me smile.

My dream is to donate to those in need: I have already helped my family and now my sister has gotten her house out of a year-long foreclosure!!

I have hundreds of men and women with amazing stories
โ€“both weight loss and health issues being improved. So many on my team are earning more money than at their jobs. A few are no longer working a job they hate: This is their only income.

The two most important days of your life are the day you were born….and the day you find out why… this company has showed me why!!! ~ I am blessed!

~Jackie Stewart,

Bess McCarty

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