November 11


Use These Stories

By Bess McCarty

November 11, 2013

Need a Boost? Read a Story.

Need a Story? Borrow One.

Tell YOUR MLM Story Below.

“He who tells a success story is more likely to have more. He who hears a success story is also more likely to have them.” ~ Bess McCarty

โ€œAmateurs give facts. Professionals tell stories.โ€ ~ Eric Worre

Stories make your point for you, show it’s possible, validate you, and are easy to remember. They create an EXPERIENCE people can step into and relate to!

Tell YOUR MLM Story below: It could be a first customer, first distributor, rank advance, a breakthrough, a challenge overcome, how you did it, what you had to do to get there, the difference in your life before and after, and what you learned…

The Club is a non-recruiting zone, but you can include your company website. Tell business stories here, and save your product stories for prospecting.

See more stories at Direct Selling Association:

Here’s a great FREE Class on How to Tell Stories That Sell For You!

Bess McCarty

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