Bust the Top 10 Mental Blocks to Success

By  Bess McCarty

Do you wonder why others can have success, but not you?
Do you wonder if you’re secretly flawed? Network marketing somehow may not work for you?
Is it way harder than you thought, and you feel like giving up?
Are you tired of this and ready to break through to success?

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1210-1240955139Pi961) Not believe success is possible in network marketing? The solution is validation and proof of all the people who DO! So many MLM millionaires! ~ Not believe it’s possible for YOU?? The solution is get the skills (20% of success) and change your mindset (the other 80%).

How do you change your mindset? Stop running the negative movie in your head. Create a winning mind movie and run it for one minute, twice a day.

Also ask your mind WHY it thinks success is not possible for you. Clues may be on the rest of the list…


construction-zone-1351759675pK22) “Network marketing is too hard”?  The solution: Skills like we teach in the MLM Millionaire Club make it LOTS easier. Reality check: Anything really good takes work! But NM gives more return on your effort, in the log run, than any other business I’ve ever seen.

Have you heard that a child’s maturity can be measured by asking: “Do you want one cookie now (like a job paycheck), or 3 cookies in 5 minutes (like NM)?”


Student graphic May 123) Do you think you have to be an expert in network marketing before you start? The solution: Learn skills from Eric Worre’s Go Pro book and the MLM Millionaire Club. That will take you FAR.

But you will only become an expert by trying them out and getting better with every one.  Think back: haven’t you learned most by your mistakes?

The Club is a bridge for you. Members say they have more confidence and results after our practice/feedback sessions.


teamwork4) Do you try to do it alone? Lots of network marketers want to do it their way rather than their sponsor’s way. But that may make their learning curve longer.

Do you think you shouldn’t need help? ~ Actually all truly successful people got there with help. They all have coaches or mentors. All network marketers got help and give help. It’s a team business. It’s OK to be coached!

Are you afraid to trust another’s advice? ~ Consider how to tell if it is good for you. What does your gut say? Your logic? Your heart? If the advice comes from a successful person, and it feels right to you, give it a try!


1210-1242158168EJrE5) Not ready for success? Scared of the change it will bring? Worried your friends will judge you? What about the stigma of MLM? Think you’ll be crazy busy? Not ready to be consistent and dependable? Scared of tech stuff?

These fears can all block your success. Let’s do “Real Conversations” on them: What do YOU believe the downside of success is?

Yes, you may change your circle of friends. But true ones will not be jealous or judge you. They will be happy for you, and maybe even want to join you. The rest? You don’t need ’em.

The MLM Millionaires I know have MORE time for family and interests they love. ~ There are tech teachers and helpers if you need them. ~ You WILL need to be responsible though. Are you ready for that?


terrified-man6) Deep down you don’t feel you deserve a better life? Or the idea is not familiar or comfortable to you? “It’s always been like this, so this must be who I am.”

Let’s do Real Conversations: The familiar, however bad, can become a habit. A rut that is hard to jump out of. We can begin to identify with it.

So the need underneath might be validation that we are NOT our past. We are NOT our history. We are creative beings in choice about our future. We deserve the best that life has to offer and that we are willing to work for!

Love yourself enough to choose and take action. See yourself as worthy, deserving, and capable. Ask someone you look to (perhaps God), to tell you this is so.


okay-i-did-it7) “Don’t out-do Mom and Dad!” Did you know that deep inside many of us lies this program?  Our parents worked as hard as they possibly could. How dare me that I’m able to achieve more! I don’t want to make them feel bad about their own lives. They’ll love me less.” (Remember, fear is not logical! 🙂 )

Let’s do Real Conversations: What if they were happy for you? What if they wanted your best happiness? And not hold back? What if they were proud of you? And enjoyed your success? ~ And if not, would you let that hold you back??

What if they realized that you can also enrich THEIR lives? They might be inspired to join you in your business. Or travel with you. Or enjoy the new car/house you just bought them.


scared-lady8) Are you secretly scared to see the truth about yourself? Because then you’d have to do something about it? Or you don’t know what to do about it? Or you don’t love that part of yourself?

We know network marketing is a personal growth program with a compensation plan. 🙂 (That’s why I like coaching MLMers.) ~ People are the best part of network marketing! But we also sometimes bump up against them, and we get polished, like rocks in a tumbler, that brings out our beauty.

Let’s do Real Conversations: The first need/solution might be to accept ourselves as lovable and valuable no matter what we see. Realizing God’s love helps me do this…

Now, what to do about it? You can use my Real Conversations chart to find the need under the feelings or behavior you want to change. Then meet that need in a healthy way. The issue disappears!


hands-in-chains9) Do you believe you don’t have time to be successful in network marketing? Your job, family needs, or other responsibilities keep you from growing a business? This has been called the greatest block for network marketers.

Let’s do Real Conversations: The first need/solution might be to think in a new way. Here are some ideas of how to find time that you may not have thought of before: How Do I Find Time?

Did you know that some network marketers reach their goals while investing only a few hours a week consistently?


hintergrund-48110) Does money stop you from making money?? Does that make sense? Do you believe you can’t find or invest the start money? Many people do…

Let Real Conversations break through that block: The need may be to realize it’s an investment, or commit to your success. Or figure out how to get the money.

Here are 4 places to get money.

Now, are you committed to turning that start money into lots more? If others do in your chosen company, you can too!


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Bess McCarty

"As a coach, teacher, and healer, I help people solve problems. I uncover and address the missing core needs, thus eliminating the problems, such as fears and negative beliefs, so they can achieve in their careers, have satisfying relationships, and enjoy vibrant health.

There is nothing quite so sacred and beautiful as that moment of working with a person who has a personal and spiritual transformation, as a certain magic happens that is beyond us both."

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