July 19


How to Invite: Solve Problems

By Bess McCarty

July 19, 2013

bessatsolomonSelling = Service
You serve by solving people’s problems.

Here’s how I invite people to Network Marketing:

Write down what problem your product, service, or business solves.
Listen to your prospect. Care; be interested.
Ask about their life until you hear a problem your business solves. Then:

1) Empathize to learn more and help them be aware of their need for a solution.
2) “That’s EXACTLY how I help people.” or tell a useful story.
3) “If I could show you how to (solve your problem) would you like to learn a little more?”
4) Invite them to a tool to learn more about network marketing (video, book, meeting,etc.)

“Your job isn’t to make money. It’s to find a problem that needs solving.”
~ Robert Kiyosaki

Here’s a free 20 minute video class I made about this:


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