November 3


Where Do I Find People? And What Do I Say?

By Bess McCarty

November 3, 2013

birdYou know that stuck, awkward feeling when you want to tell someone about your business, but you don’t want to come off weird, or inappropriate?ย 

And where do you find people to talk to, anyway?

Well, these are the two most common dilemmas for network marketers!

I think you’ll love these two workshops I recorded for you:ย  “Where do I Find People? And What Do I Say?”

In them,ย  you will learn:

* You are surrounded by people who need you, especially in this economy.

* 3 simple words to easily start a business conversation anywhere with anyone:ย  “Are you happy?”ย  (With your job, situation, etc.)

* What to say after that: A followup phrase that literally eliminates rejection.

* And a simple trick to find the best distributors best distributors fastest and easiest, so you know where to spend your time that makes you the most money!

“Thanks Bess… it was a great call and fantastic tips… Networking at it’s finest… ” ~ Tracy Baker, MLM Millionaire Club member

This is what we teach in the MLM Millionaire Club!



Bess McCarty

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