November 8


Q & A ~ How Do I Network Globally Online?

By Bess McCarty

November 8, 2012

Q. ~ Bess, I am trying to grow a large MLM organization with your coaching.

I am trying to reach out globally with my business but I am not making any headway with the cold market. How do I reach out? How can I capture the attention of a total stranger somewhere and get them to look at what I have to offer?

A. ~ Good question! A lot of Network Marketers ask this.

I recommend you join online groups of your target market. Add value there. Become known as an authority in your field. Even start a Facebook page on the topic of what your company sells (not the company or product). Post as that page to lead people back to it. Comment on, Like, and Share others’ posts as your page. Develop friendships with messaging, then move the best ones to a phone call or Skype. Mention your product when the time is right, and you’ve asked questions to see what they need from you.

I help Network Marketers with this in the Club:

Bess McCarty

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