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Congratulations for giving yourself the gift of this special Mindset Clearing with Bess McCarty!

The 2 hour private Mindset Clearing session with Bess by phone is by appointment. Please call Bess at (512) 569-1139 to schedule it, prepare for it, and get your John Bradshaw DVDs mailed to you. Your actual session with Bess will be recorded just for you, and an mp3 will be sent to you.

At the end of your private Mindset Clearing, Bess will give you 10-12 support work exercises, custom made for you, to continue deepening your experience, integrate it, and bring even further change over the coming year.



Here is the preparation for your Mindset Clearing:

  1. Journal the negative voices, beliefs, emotions, and behaviors that hold you back in your business and life. The things you want to change.
  2. Keep a dream journal to gain more insights for this process. Just keep paper and pen or a voice recorder by your bed; on awakening, record what you remember, even if it’s only a feeling.
  3. Use these 2 quizzes to help you identify what you’d like to clear: https://www.bessmccarty.com/344-2  and https://www.bessmccarty.com/resources/training-center/how-to-clear-the-top-10-mental-blocks-to-sales/
  4.  And this Body Mind Psychology chart can also help: https://www.bessmccarty.com/body-mind-pyschology-david/
  5. 5.  While you wait for your 10 hours of Homecoming DVDs by John Bradshaw, I recommend you watch the video series below by John Bradshaw about childhood programming, and take notes where you feel inspired.  It is very, very powerful! And then do the same with the DVDs when they arrive to you.

6. Email these notes to info@bessmccarty.com, in bullet form, 2 days before your scheduled Mindset Clearing.

John Bradshaw on Oprah, Parts 1-5






John Bradshaw – Homecoming, Parts 1-10











And more if you feel inspired to:

This next one is actually a Playlist of 10 wonderful videos:


And the last John Bradshaw video:


Bonuses and More: 



Think and Grow Rich, by Napoleon Hill. The book most acclaimed for success. A time-tested book to optimize your success mindset and creative thinking of your new programming.







Bess’s Self-Coach Process: Real Conversations
Audio, chart, and lessons teach you to break through persistent problems by finidng and meeting the need under them. “… broke through my toughest roadblock …”







Heart-Selling Video: How to Always Get a YES
You do not get a NO with this method of properly hearing people and asking the right questions. A process developed by Bess and shared with you. Plus a quck start section.





Speaker at Business Conference and Presentation. Audience at the conference hall.


How to Overcome the Fear of Speaking

The quickest way to reach more customers, prospects, and distributors is speaking. Public speaking positions you as an authority. ~ Yet, it’s the number one fear people have! Even greater than death! Learn how to overcome this fear.





Horse Stance Audio :


The Horse Stance is an ancient pose of the Tai Chi and Chi Kung masters, the original Body Mind practitioners of thousands of years ago, that gives true balance, energy, strength, and clarity to body, mind, and emotions.