June 1


21 Year Old Jacob Proves It Can Be Done

By Bess McCarty

June 1, 2015

10563208_792268360795996_6653995521910928562_nLast night at midnight Jacob Rakowski became an Emerald in his company His goal was Ruby, but he shot past that to go two levels up! ~ Jacob was 18 years old when he made a decision to change his life with his company. In May, his organization produced over $200,000+ of sales and promoted 9 team members. His income last month was what the average American yearly income earns. He’s only 21 years old! He didn’t let age or any other excuses stand in his way of achieving greatness!

Jacob, I am inspired by how you embrace life, your joy, vision, spirituality, and courage for your personal growth. Congratulations on being a wonderful leader and showing how dreams can come true! I’m honored to have been your coach this year, and SO proud of you! ~ Bess


Advice from Jacob:

Bess McCarty

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  • This is a great video, Jacob. Thanks for sharing, Bess.

    Hiring a coach can help a lot. I’ve worked with several during my career, and in most cases, it helped me overcome my challenges and propel my business forward.

    Great content here.


  • Thank you Chuck, and for your comments:


    Here are just a few ideas that come to mind. I hope it helps.

    Where do you see yourself in five years?

    Do you have the time and money you want and deserve?

    What is your personal development plan?

    Have you ever heard of the four year career?

    Are you living your purpose?”

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