The Real Conversations Certification Course For Practitioners Outline

Welcome! 4 Simple Steps to Multiply Your Clients' Results!

Designed to clear practitioners’ and clients’ blocks with an unparalleled, state of the art coaching method and skills. 

This is a 12 month Certification Course. We master the 4 Steps of the powerful Real Conversations method. Students can join during any month except July through October when we do an intensive. 6 class hours per month + 1 hour private coaching with Bess, + 2-6 hours per week of hands-on homework to boost profound transformation, knowledge, and confidence for top-tier coaches and professionals!

Limited to 8 students! Enroll Now!

January - Real Conversations method Part One. Proven, practical steps to transformational problem-solving. Practitioners learn Real Conversations and get their own clearings with Bess in class.

February – Real Conversations method Part Two. Practitioners facilitate clearings with each other and their clients and write case studies.

March – Body Module. Practitioners learn how to help their clients meet their physical needs with Real Conversations, including grounding emotional energy in the body. Tai Chi, Horse Stance, Breath Work, Body Mind Reading, nutrition, exercise, rest, and touch.

April – Spiritual Module. How to help clients meet their spiritual needs with Real Conversations. Spiritual Exercises, journaling, nature, Inner Guidance stories, principles and exercises.

May – Emotional Module Part One. How to help clients understand and meet their emotional needs with Real Conversations. Inner Child work and exercises. A deeper dive to help clear negative childhood programs for practitioners and their clients. Students lead an Inner Child class series, week 1-2, for income.

June - Emotional Module Part Two. Students lead an Inner Child class series, week 3-6, for income.

July - October - Healing the Past Intensive. Revealing, Releasing and Re-educating Faulty Childhood Learning. An opportunity to re-program the subconscious with healthy and functional beliefs, so you are no longer the effect of negative parental role-modeling and can break free of the automatic behaviors that work against you. This is done through journaling, guided meditations, and energetic releases of the negative programming, then replacing it with what you want in your life now. A truly special and life-changing process for the practitioner, that also provides you with the understanding and tools to help your clients. This is the deepest work I do.

November -  Mental Module. How to help clients meet their mental needs with Real Conversations. Plus a communication model that listens and speaks without judgment, blame, criticism, or demands.

December - Summary: How to help clients meet their needs with Real Conversations and Time and Stress Management to make their lives more effective and functional, and avoid burnout. Goals, Strategies, and Tracking, the Four Personalities' needs, Male-Female needs, and more.

*Certification Ceremony and Next Steps!

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